Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the western edge of spec-fic

Seattle is back on track...the rare snowy conditions and white-knuckle-gripped driving are a thing of the past. So, back to writing and meeting about speculative fiction. The RustyCon suffered. Everything was thrown out of whack.

However, this writer plans to contribute to the '09 rebirth. It's true, this once consistent source of speculative fiction insights has been negligent. Posts have been sparse. I've let you down. There is, however, a reason for this...

"The blog is dead" they said. I took this seriously. Oversaturation and too many contributors not maintaining proper research behind their statements were the common themes. So, I was pulled into a state of despair. "Why do I bother?" I thought.

Truth is I've missed commenting on what's happening with both the science behind and the writing trends of my genre. It's fascinating stuff and deserves commentary. Even if it's now routinely brushed aside as pap.

So, please return. You will find more insights here in 2009. When I spoke on January 10th at the annual RustyCon, I was devastated: it was sparsely attended, people seemed lethargic, the light was dimming. But that doesn't mean that it's extinguished, right?

So, once more into the breech dear friends. Speculative fiction lives...and so do its brethren.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have come back to blogging, I enjoyed your comments on Charles Stross. Just read Halting State and finished The Atrocity Archives this morning -- it is important to read near future fiction because it often comes true!